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Along the River of Volga 3-days itinerary
Backcountry Russia

Along the River of Volga 3-days itinerary

Day 1.
Transfer from the airport to your chosen hotel.
At leisure

Day 2.
6.00 Transfer from the hotel to “4x4 Club”. Familiarisation with the specially prepared Russian-made 4x4 vehicles UAZ and a 180-km drive along the highway to the starting point of the tour – the cite of an ancient Russian settlement  Derzheslavl.

There we leave highway and head in the direction of Volga rive. The gravel and dirt road winds among forests along river Derzha. This was a defense line of Russian troops during the World War II.  Difficulty level – medium.

After 40 km of dirt road and 20 km of tarmac we reach the town of Staritsa, first mention in Russian chronicles in 1297 AD. The local Assumption monastery, one of the most ancient in Russia, was founded in 1110 AD. Staritsa was a favourite town of tsar Ivan the Terrible who often came here to pray and meditate.   

After a brief tour of the town, we proceed by dirt roads with small tarmak inclusions ( 90 km) in the general direction of the city of Tver. The road goes along the high bank of the river to the ancient village Kholokholnja with its old rock quarries. The local limestone was used to build many cathedrals and chambers in the Moscow Kremlin.

Next follow forest sections . Sand soils and beautiful pine forests are fabulously beautiful and present no serious problems for driving. Weather permitting, we stop for a brief lunch under the open skies.

In the evening we arrive to Tver. Hotel accommodation and the famous Russian banja (bath).

Day 3.
8.00  Breakfast.
9.00 A tour of Tver.
The settlement on the confluence of Volga and Tmaka rivers existed as far as IX−X centuries AD. Fortress was built in 1130−1140 AD. In 1247 AD Tver became the capital of  Tver principality, which  in the middle ages was the main rival of Moscow for domination over the Russian lands.

Leaving Tver, we head in the direction of Konakovo settlement. Tarmak – 15 km, followed by 60 km of dirt forest roads with numerous but not deep river-crossings.  At Konakovo we take a ferry to the opposite bank of Volga and continue in the direction to Moscow. After 30 km of tarmac and 60 km of dirt and gravel roads we reach a highway. Another 50 km, and we are in Moscow again.

Return of the vehicles and transfer to the airport or the hotel of your choice.

The itinerary is subject to changes depending on weather conditions and can be customized.


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